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Who is In the Mix?

In The Mix was founded in 2015 here in Port Hedland by a fellow local.

In 2019, I purchased the small business that was predominately known at markets in Port & South Hedland.  Since owning the business it has grown from the small van it was known for, to its own shop front on Wedge Street Port Hedland. 

I get asked quite often why did you buy In The Mix, its a good question.  I grew up in regional Western Australia, in the Wheatbelt.  My mum had a really tough time trying to source natural products that would not cause a reaction on my skin.  I have suffered with eczema, dermatitis, allergies, all affecting my extremely sensitive skin.

From laundry detergent, to shampoo, to dairy foods, to a simple dust storm, you name it, and my skin would react.  My skin is so sensitive that one of my friends describes it as "allergic to life itself".

Since having children, I have developed a strong desire to learn more about the root cause of my skin disorders and sharing my journey about using natural products in and around my home.

I have lived and worked in the regions for most of my life and I understand how hard it is to source ingredients and products that are allergen friendly and organic outside of the cities.

I love helping others and my passion is to provide alternative options to those who need it.  

My passion is to also play a part to our worlds war on waste.  In February 2022 I launched the shops Bulk WholeFoods section for our town.  Where you can buy your products as you need it.  Minimalising the amount of packaging is required.  I am a person that will buy a bag of flour, and use it for a recipe and then it will sit at the back of the cupboard for months until I throw it out.  So launching this option is very close to my heart.


Melanie xx

Owner - In the Mix



Contact Us

1/2 Wedge Street, Port Hedland, WA, 6721

phone: 04

email: info@inthemixhf.com.au