Herbal Hiraeth - Herb Cleansing Bundle

Herbal Hiraeth - Herb Cleansing Bundle

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Herb Cleansing Smoke Bundles - Single Bundle

Handcrafted with all Australian Herbs + pure natural Australian cotton.

**Limited Quantities Available - Only Whilst Stocks Last** 

Bundles are intwined with Rosemary from my own Mum’s magical garden, Clary Sage from my very own herbal apothecary magic garden & lavender from an Australian farm. All handcrafted with magic and intention.

Cleanse ✨ Calm ✨ Ground


Rosemary has a grounding magic, that provides energetic clarity to ones space when burnt.

Clary Sage has a strong connection to Luna magic, and when burnt cleanses your space and is said to strengthen your third eye linking your unconscious to your consciousness.

Lavender is one of the most calming magical herbs out there, the smoke of lavender works to energetically cleanse your area, removing negative energy & leave behind a harmonious and tranquil energy.


Ignite the tip with a lighter/candle flame, carry under heat proof dish to catch any falling ash or herb & disperse its smoke around your home, you, or whatever you wish to cleanse the energy of. Once finished, leave on a heat proof dish to burn out. Keep away from flammable items & out of children’s reach.