Herbal Hiraeth - Self Love Heart Chakra Bundle

Herbal Hiraeth - Self Love Heart Chakra Bundle

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Self Love Heart Chakra Smoke Bundles - Single Bundle


Rose 🌹 Lavender Sage 🌹 Clary Sage Rose Quartz 🌹


Handcrafted with homegrown Lavender and Rose from Western Australia, Sage & Clary Sage homegrown from my own magical herbal apothecary garden, a raw small Rose Quartz crystal + pure natural Australian cotton.


**Limited Quantities Available - Only Whilst Stocks Last**


Bundles are intwined with magical herbs filled with balancing energy entwined with a highly spiritual & emotional healing Rose Quartz crystal. All handcrafted with magic and intention.

Self Love
Align the Heart Chakra Balance



Lavender is one of the most calming magical herbs out there, the smoke of lavender works to energetically cleanse your area, removing negative energy & leave behind a harmonious and tranquil energy.

Rose lends her emotional healing energy when burnt, working to promote the alignment of the heart chakra & bring balancing energy to your environment.

Sage a highly cleansing and spiritual protective herb that works to remove negative energy from your space.

Clary Sage has a strong connection to Luna magic, and when burnt cleanses your space and is said to strengthen your third eye linking your unconscious to your consciousness.

Rose Quartz a crystal of unconditional love, it works to purify and open the heart chakra, promoting balance and self love.

(Raw crystals are on average around 3cm, due to their natural states each stone will vary in appearance).

Variety of herbs + Rose colours will each differ from bundle to bundle, your specific bundle will be chosen intuitively for you.

A magical smoke bundle perfect for use prior to self care exercises such as a meditation, a calming bath, for the home, and to create sacred space.

Ignite the tip with a lighter/candle flame, carry under heat proof dish to catch any falling ash or herb & disperse its smoke around your home, you, or whatever you wish to cleanse the energy of. Once finished, leave on a heat proof dish to burn out. Keep away from flammable items & out of children’s reach.